Pleasing Personality

What is the personality anyway, and how does it come into being? Before we can develop anything, we must have a clear understanding of what it is and how it operates in our lives. All the information that has been gathered throughout the ages points to the fact that personality is a collection of habits, thoughts, and perceptions of our past experiences.

In Greek mythology, Medusa has snakes coming from her head. This represents from the gnostic point of view all of our wrong perceptions, thoughts, and bad experiences we define as ourselves.

Napoleon Hill defined it this way,

Your personality is your greatest asset or your most significant liability, for it embraces everything that you control: mind, body, and soul. A person’s character is the person himself or herself. It shapes the nature of your thoughts, your deeds, and your relationships with others. It establishes the boundaries of the space you occupy in the world!

It goes to reason that the more people understand and control their own minds, the more control they will have over their personality. The less a person understands and controls the functions of their personal account, the less power they will have over their character. I believe this is the problem we see today with people who have split personalities.

Often times, we kill our best opportunities in life by having a messed up attitude. The only person who hangs around another person that has a bad mood is another person with the same view. Remember, like always attracts like.

How we see something is how we see it, that doesn’t mean it’s the reality of it, it’s just our perception of it that makes it real for us. This is where most people fail when trying to develop a pleasing personality in business or life.

The person that doesn’t have a pleasing personality, just can’t get over the fact that their own perceptions of things may not be someone else’s reality. These kinds of people want to be right all the time and don’t mind sacrificing the harmony with the people around them.

To develop a pleasing personality, we must begin to understand other people’s points of view. It’s impossible to create a pleasant personality if we are always butting heads with the people around you.

The Steps And Foundation On Developing A Pleasing Personality

So what are some of the traits of a pleasing personality?

1. A positive mental attitude

2. Sincerity

3.Common Courtesy

4. Smiling



7.Proper Dress



10.Humility of Heart

11.Control of Temper/Emotions

12.A Pleasant Tone Of Voice

13. Control of Facial Expressions

14. Tolerance

15. A sense of Humor

16.A fondness for People

17. Enthusiasm

18. Personal Magnetism

How can we begin to develop these traits to become more productive with the people around us?

1. Becoming more aware and sensitive to other people around you is the first step in developing a pleasing personality. Realize that everyone has feelings. If you want to understand and get along with other people, you must become more aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions while in the company of other people.

2. Come to understand that your perception of a thing is not other people’s perception of it. Acquiring a broader point of view on any subject can enhance your own understanding of that subject.

3. Always keep your mind on the positive things of life. Remember, where your focus goes is where your mind will end up. Be aware that your thoughts produce your actions, and your actions will produce your personality.

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